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In 2015, MAS Lifestyle noticed an underlying problem with the physical and technical security services within Guatemala, and the wider Central American region.


We quickly identified that historically, there had been wholesale under investment in training of physical security operatives, and within the need for investment in new, modern techniques relating to physical security provision, that the developed regions utilizing security have become accustomed to.

Using an industry-leading risk methodology, our consultancy approach is delivered by an experienced
and diverse consulting team, supported by our analysts, investigators, instructors and others as
needed. For more prolonged projects, MAS Lifestyle and Safety can embed consultants directly in
client businesses to occupy management, analysis or internal consultancy posts.
Ground Transport Services
  • Executive Journey Management

    • Ground transport vehicles with bilingual security drivers.

      • Armoured

      • Non-armoured

    • Ground movement support teams including bilingual close protection agents.

  • Executive Protection

    • Armed

    • Unarmed

  • Local Transfers from A to B

Consultancy Services
  • Risk Management

    • Risk analysis and security plans

  • Asset protection and movements

    • Aircraft, marine craft, high value assets 

  • Security Teams

    • Residential​

    • Private residence

    • 3rd party locations

  • SVRA

  • Country risk analysis

  • Business continuity

  • Firearms

    • Basic, intermediate and advanced

  • Vehicle movements

    • Basic, intermediate and advanced  ​

  • Physical security training

    • Manned guarding​

    • Close protection

  • Surveillance
  • Personal Awareness
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